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Connect with your desired audience through the power of professional photography by Avatar Commercial Photography


Hi, I’m Femy - a professional photographer specialising in small business and corporate photography in the William’s Landing and surrounding areas.


My collaborative approach helps you feel at ease in front of the camera so we can capture natural images in line with your company’s brand and values. When you work with Avatar Commercial Photography, you know that you’re working with a fellow small business that understands the Importance of professionalism and meeting the distinct needs of each client. 


We’ll work together to collate imagery that projects your brand personality and attracts your ideal customers. 


Avatar Commercial Photography creates stunning visuals that will make your images sparkle. Our expertise, paired with our attention to detail, lets us deliver images that exceed your expectations.



I’m a first generation South Indian Australian photographer based in Melbourne. I help small businesses communicate with their audience through impactful photography.

I started building my business in 2017 shortly after graduating from studying photography. Since then, I’ve gained a lot of experience in various areas of photography, such as maternity shoots, before solely pursuing corporate photography.


I’ve always had an eye for photography, but I’ve honed my skills through continually educating myself in the field. Some of my qualifications and award nominations include:

  • TAFE photography course

  • Real Estate Photography Course 

  • Professional Studio Listing Course by a renowned photographer

  • 2023 Wyndham Art Prize finalist


I believe in quality over quantity, so I focus on capturing and delivering the images that will best serve you and your business. 


If you’re ready to enhance your business’s professional image, please contact me today.

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